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That little strap of leather Elise Graves has around her throat may look innocuous enough but it is so tight that her face is turning blue. Lila Katt has been with us all day already and she is starting to wear out. That does not mean we feel the need to go any easier on her. Sister Dee is not in isolation for long before the effects start to set in. For one she becomes convinced her captor actually cares for her. PD has a soft spot for the screamers and the criers. Elise is one of his favorite play things because she happens to be both. Whenever he gets his hands on her her eyes begin to well up with tears. Once he starts to work her over the screams are beautiful Hanging Elise Graves upside down in her box is the surest way to make all of the torments that come afterwards ten times worse. Whether Cyd keeps her boxed up or lets her hang free doesn't matter to him and she couldn't tell you which one is worse. The cr Sophie is just not an A student Marina has a tight ass that needs to be trained. The process will be excruciating but it will be worth it if she can use it to satisfy PD. The box that PD keeps Elise Graves in has an open back to give him access to her ass and cunt and a hole so her head sticks out, too. PD does not even take the time to explain to Iona Grace why he is doing these things to her but if she was not so dumb it would be obvious. PD is going to give Sybil and her tits a treatment that she will never forget. The suction cups he uses so strong they leave blisters behind Trina Michaels came to us because she wanted to feel completely degraded. There is no reason to treat her any better than a piece of meat. Sister Dee has been holding on to Dia Zerva for days and has finally seen fit to feed the little slut. Even breakfast is an ordeal, though. Courtney Taylor has no idea what iron bondage is about. She can't even recognize what most of these metal contraptions are for. And then she says the fateful words. Sammi Sui has a talent as a squirter. It is surprising that she does not like to show it off. Sister Dee decides she does not get a choice. It takes quite a bit of coercion, but Dee makes sure Sammi puts on her show. Sure, she struggles a lot and protests Handcuffed throat fucked and orgasmed into oblivion. This hot little tart is Iona Grace. She is stuck outside in the cold because PD has decided she needs to earn her place in his barn. Iona Grace has great features but not so good they cannot be improved with a little bit of imagination. Packing tape lets PD express himself Sister Dee can be so cruel. Marina is a hot, willing bondage slut and so SD feels like she needs to push her to the edge of her endurance. PD put it best. It is not just a room full of sadists, but an internet world full of sadists. Rain DeGrey is in the center of that world. We brought back a time honored form of torment. Making her kneel on raw rice is a quick and ingenious way to reduce Alani Pi to tears. Every grain is like a needle digging into her soft skin. As a reward for enduring the rice and the whip Alani is allowed Tia does not want PD to be unhappy. 2 things about Hazel are wrong right now. First, she has a shit eating grin on her face. Second, she thinks she is ready for the punishment. What does it take to bring a beautiful woman like Juliette March to her knees, or even to tears? We don't know yet, but we will find out. Normally stocks are constructed to keep a person standing upright, but today PD has decided he wants Mei Mara to remain on her knees. Rain Degrey is trying to deal with the pain. She keeps clenching her fists looking for something to hold. She grunts and howls like a beast. Lady Kat wanted to be surprised by her experience with Sister Dee. She had no clue how dangerous it was to ask SD for something like that. Elise Graves continues her grand tour of PDs Play House. She checks out the implements of torment that he has set out and begs for a demo. Master A is going to break Tia down. She needs to learn her place as just another whore because he has clients that are lining up to take advantage of her. She may be willful when he starts but by the time he is through she will be ready to suck and fuck Sexy blond bombshell Courtney Taylor is back with her 38 Triple D boobs! In beauty and stature, this girl is nothing short of Amazonian. Last time we gave her a bit of a rough fuck. This time she is going to experience the ecstasy of brutal bondage. This Elise Graves has a little bit of spare time for Siren Wolf and we thought it would be hot to show you the sexy things that happened. Hazel Hypnotic is getting something today that she has been begging for for a long time. Today is the day that she gets a good, raw fuck.
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