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When was asked Bronte what she loved most about her time with us she began raving about how much she loved cumming and crying for everyone. When Syd loses a bunch of her money Sister Dee will not let the debt go unpaid. Syd does not have the cash so Dee will have to take it from her hide with interest. Her debt recovery methods may be harsh but they get the job done. Whips, chains, floggers a On her knees, bent over a table or lying on her back, Vicki Chase is about to experience skull fucking from just about every angle. Ariel X, Destiny Jaymes and Penny Pax came to visit us this week. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what they want. They are young, hot, and their sex drives are out of control. We have just what they need, too; hog ties, breast bondage, s One look at the implements that PD has laid out in front of her tells Zayda J everything she needs to know about what is coming today. For some reason Nyssa Nevers cannot make up her mind. She screams every time PD hits her and filling her with cock does not work either. We told 314 early that we did not want to see her cry but she just cannot hold it all in. Now we will have to give her something to cry over Charlotte Vale loves it when her scenes are both sensual and sadistic. Pain refines her senses until every caress feels like a new high. Charlotte Vale was far too full of herself. She thought that she could handle whatever sadistic ideas the RealTimeBondage crew conjured up. Kristine Anderson is a piss poor student. So bad, in fact, that she had to sign up for a little extra tutoring with Sister Dee. Hazel Hypnotic is not just an average bondage lover. Just the thought of doing live BDSM for an anonymous audience gets her dripping wet. Whenever she performs for us it is another chance to have her darkest desires fulfilled. I guess that is why she begs Calico is too pretty for her own good. Her looks may have been an asset out the outside, but with PD it means he just have to hurt her more. Her body is amazing but it is missing the bruises and welts that PD loves. He will just have to add them himself. Things for Hazel Hypnotic are about to get even more interesting. She has been with us for so long she thinks she knows what is coming next. Hazel Hypnotic exists to get men off. PD and Matt are there to reinforce that. If she can't keep their cocks hard then she is worthless We had some questions for Hazel Hypnotic earlier but now that she is lashed down to the interrogation chair the real probing can begin. Earlier Ashley Graham made a terrible mistake and she is still suffering for it. She called out for god and now he is giving it to her. Most girls know they will get a reward when they suffer enough for their masters, but Cherry Torn too many masters to please them all. Trina Michaels looks comfortable at first, as she is driving out to the farm with PD, but as he gets to talking she begins to get nervous. Claire Adams is a hot star with a mean streak a mile long. When she gets her hands on the equally sexy Calico she finds every fear and turn-on, then uses them all against her. She enjoys pushing pain sluts like Calico to their limit. Calico, for her part, Combine one deep throat, a sexy, flexible body and a desire to please and you have the make-up of our perfect bondage model, Chanel Preston. From champion gymnast Lea Lexis, to closet fetishist Audrey Rose, to sexual veteran Cherry Torn, we believe variety is the spice of life. PD sets her up and Elise Graves knocks her around. That is the forecast for Holly Heart today. I enjoy the look of determination she wears. Bondage does not need to be tight to be painful. Cherry is about to learn this first hand. Room to squirm is the cruelest gift she can get. Sophie Ryan never saw this coming. The day started so well. In the beginning her bondage was tight but comfortable. Nothing stays simple. There is no need to be gentle with someone like 314. She does not want to be loved or cherished in any way. She just needs to be used. Bondage is more than just a hobby for Sister Dee. Sadism is not just a passing fancy. Making sluts like Sybil Hawthorne cry is a passion. Felony is unfamiliar with the finer points of device bondage. She has played with rope and metal before, but never with someone so intense as Cyd Black. You see, tight rope and some canings she can take, but stick her in a box, head first, and she starts When Damon plays with Tia she says exactly what he wants to hear. Before Marina gets wet and clean we make sure she feels nice and dirty. Her sexy latex outfit makes the perfect holster for our vibrator. How do you make a girl who has been fucked, beaten and left out in the cold feel even dirtier than she already must? PD knows exactly how. The one thing PD likes more than a young slut who knows how to scream is one who knows how to suck his dick, too. Katharine Cane fits.
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