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If ever a girl found herself in an Infernal situation it is Dana Vixen, right now. Every bit of her is being tormented and she loves it. Elise Graves wanted a man to put her up on a pedestal. When she imagined it at night this is not exactly what she had in mind, though. Sister Dee owes Claire Adams a bit of punishment. The last time they met Claire was a little rude and SD is going to teach her some manners. PD is training more expert sluts and Charlotte is next. She has the basics down, like cumming on command or sucking cock like a pro. The advanced classes are significantly more difficult. A simple dance is so much more interesting when there are electrifi dia is a bondage slut who loves to get hurt For many of our models they feel like the live feed is all about them. Holly Wildes had that idea at some point but we took care of that. Dixon Mason and her magnificent tits have not gotten off easy today by any means but that does not mean the worst is not still to come. Hazel Hypnotic has the kind of pale skin that shows marks right away and PD has no intention of letting an opportunity like that pass. The things that Madeleine Mei has been through today have left her terrified of whatever Sister Dee comes up with next. Her eyes tell it all Sister Dee starts off being nice to Marina. After all, she treats her to a nice little cum, but that is really just the line in the sand. Sybil Hawthorne is visibly shaken before PD even touches her for the first time. She is chained up and blind while he works around her. If variety is the spice of life, this is probably the hottest scene you will ever see. We have the beautiful Rain DeGrey, a skinny blonde who loves to be in bondage, and the amazing Natassia Dreams, a transexual dominatrix. Natassia and Matt are going to Pain sluts are the best kind. It does not matter how much it hurts, Jade will always want more. Every sting or strike just gets her wet. Give Sister Dee a cane and she can make those kinds of sexual fantasies come true for anyone. She enjoys causing the p Tightly roped for hard use, skull fucked and orgasmed. No one likes solicitors. PD is no exception. When Marina comes knocking on his door he cooks up a hell of a way to show his displeasure. Everyone sheds a tear from time to time, but when it is Rain they pour. Rain DeGrey has a hard time keeping her emotions in check. Hailey Young is the kind of girl who panics when she realizes she has no control over her situation. The kind that goes to pieces so quickly 314 wants a sick and dangerous man. She wants that special someone to use her, crush her and toss her away like a fist full of tissues. Penny Pax may struggle at first, but it is just because in her fantasies she always needs to be overpowered. Every part of her wants this. The interview with Claire Adams is interesting and all but the real meat of her live feed, we all know, is how far she is willing to go. PD is the source that all of the pleasure flows from for Dixon Mason. Her love of rope is intense enough that her pussy is dripping wet. The scene opens with Mei Mara inverted and covered in clothes pins. The frame she is on keeps her legs spread and her back arched perfectly. Mei wants to submit but one master may not be enough. She needs to have as many sick sadists as we can find taking full advantage of her. PD has Niki Nymph dressed up and looking pretty, but it is will not last. His interest in her is too carnal to let her keep up the facade. Nyssa Nevers never quits. Sister Dee may put her through hell, but she will love every second. Pain sluts are like her just beg for more. It is probably better that way. Even if Nyssa would beg for mercy, it is not like Sister Dee would show her any. She Alisha Adams is back and looking to get fucked up in the best of ways. This time we'll see how well she handles multiple, relentless orgasms. The Sybian is the ultimate machine of sexual pleasure. Alisha says she gets too sensitive too keep going but we s Matt has brought Rain DeGrey home from a long car ride and, stupid her, she is probably looking forward to a warm shower and a soft bed. What happens when Elise Graves and PD want to use Dixon Mason at the same time? Well, like any good team they share. Lorna is a vocal little thing when it comes to playtime with PD. There is a constant string of moans and sharp cries as he works her over. Tricia Oaks has already used her body as a canvas for beautiful tattoos but Sister Dee is going to turn her into a work of bondage art.
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