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Crissy is not a very smart slut. Even a small child knows not to get into a car with strange perverts, but here she is riding with PD. He is going to make her pay for the ride. She may not have any cash on her, but he does not need her money anyway. Her b Hazel Hypnotic and Maggie Mead are going to spend some time getting to know each other intimately on the floor of our barn. Very intimately. You don't need some long teaser about how PD and Taurus Angel get along. It isn't necessary. You can see for yourself how much she loves it. It first it may be confusing for Cheyenne Jewel. She knows she should be afraid of Claire Adams but she cannot help but be aroused. Hazel came to PD and said that she wanted order and purpose in life. He barks out directions like she is dog and she knows not to defy him. Catherine DeSade is terrified of the look of things. It is a dark room with no windows and the man she sees before her wears a wicked grin. Most girls cry or beg once the beatings start, but 412 is unique. When she is taking her lashes she is furiously rubbing her clit. Every bitch needs to get some exercise. For PD, that means getting tied to the back of his truck and trotted out into the dirt and mud. Catherine is ready for her daily walk and crawl through the dust. We are the ones who turned Wenona from a beautiful bondage model into a ravenous cock-sucker. Now she is ours to use however we wish. This week features three of our hottest fucks coming back for another round of brutal poundings. Remy, Ash and Penny are looking for more. Iona Grace claims that she trusts the vision PD has for this scene but her tears make it seem like she may be lying. This is how we tell. The most perverse mind in BDSM is at it again. The head-cage that Elise Graves is in is an absolute masterwork of malicious metal. Dana Vixen is finding out what it means to be exposed. Her stockings provide no protection against the depravity Claire Adams has in mind. Crystal Frost thought the toughest part of being the with PD was just taking the pain but psychologically it is much worse than that. Fucking with Calico is like playing an instrument. She makes so many glorious sounds that PD and SD have to play a symphony on her ass. The tit torment makes Cherie DeVille scream out in less than a second. Her voice rings out clearly from the start. It will probably be the most pleasant thing she endures today. The copper wiring wound around her toes is a clear sign of what comes next: s Star has a very hard time with cumming. She gets off fast enough but with the intense vibrators Sister Dee packs she cannot stop cumming. Sister Dee starts shocking her cunt, or other devious tricks to distract her, but Star cannot keep her pussy under co Whatever it takes to get Wenona off, Elise Graves is going to make sure it gets done. But it is definitely going to have its price. Cici Rhodes has been in this place before, but never these positions. She loves rope against her skin. It is one of her biggest turn-ons. All of the struggling Juliette Black is doing is never going to help her. The way she is bound it will only make things hurt even more. The last time Hailey came to see us it was so tough she could hardly complete the show. Now to see if Round 2 will be just as hardcore. Rain Degrey is no stranger to the cruelty that Sister Dee is capable of. SD loves spending her days watching beautiful women struggle. It is a chilly morning in the mountains and Sister Dee has been outside on display all night. She will do anything to get in out of the cold. Sister Dee got a package in the mail and inside is one brand new Femcar. The box may have said to handle with care but Sister Dee will not. Femcar is going to get the torment of a lifetime. SD knows that getting a care package like this is a rare opportun Cici Rhodes and Elise Graves spend all of their time tormenting ex-con Butch. They like to tease and demean him. Let's see how they like it. They may have had all of the power while he was punching the clock, but after hours he is the one who is in contro A pain slut is any bitch who gets wet from a beating What does Penny need from Elise Graves right now? She needs rough bondage and rougher handling. It looks like a door frame but some simple modifications have made it the perfect way to keep Mei Mara in place for the next leg of our feed It is a rare talent to design devices that are capable of both restraining a girl like Hazel Hypnotic and leaving her exposed to torment. Nyssa Nevers and Sister Dee are about to see who the real Top Girl is. The whichever one can tie up the other first. The winner takes all. herry Torn can hear the distant rumble of a train as she stares impassively at PD. He wants something from her, she knows that much.
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