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The blonde screams in pain at her treatment by the cruel man
Chained in place, she cannot resist
Joan was strapped into our paddling device, but this time we...
Paris is called into the headmistress office for wearing dai...
Watch naughty Jane get what she deserves in this hot ass spa...
She must strip and endure her punishment
The scene starts with Elise hogtied in the center of the roo...
Bondage Masters JR and Zed like to humiliate their slaves an...
Baring her back to brutal punishment
Hanna is a repeat offender here at the school. It seems th...
Amy feels the sting of the whip.
Daria is taskmaster comes home from work only to find his ho...
Xenia and Lolita are caught cheating on their geography exam...
A girl presents her buns so they can be properly chastised i...
Occasionally the headmaster will go wild with need to punish...
Valentina had always been a rebellious girl. From skipping ...
Removing her clothes, she stands at the ready
The frequent visitor Hanna was back in our punishment room. ...
Gagged and restrained, she is subjected to vaginal torture a...
Katty has been extra naughty this week and is taught a stern...
Zayda...The Cry back. She starts her day off in he...
What will Freya's captor do to her next?
She's in a tight spot...and can't get out of her punishment!
Lucia gets a stern lashing for showing a young man her thigh...
The headmaster has forbidden his girls to wear lingerie but ...
The man behind the mask is serious...this is no Halloween pr...
The headmaster and the teacher place Tina in a guillotine th...
When Elizabeth shows up Angel immediately undresses her. As ...
Vika removes her bra and shirt and prepares for her lashing ...
Nicole had always been the very reluctant, very shy girl. T...
Her buns are red but not from blushing
Bijou gets started in a strappado in the middle of the floor...
Blond high school girl faces corporal punishment
Nikki was back in class, and had -forgotten- to go to class ...
Sylvia is called into the headmasters office and receives a ...
Plump cheeks just beg for a serious caning
Stinging whipcracks bring flame to her nether cheeks
It was Halloween at the school today again, and once again w...
What type of harsh treatment gave rise to such reddened buns...
35 year old Elizabeth is back and she starts her day out get...
The taskmaster hikes up Valerie`s skirt to caress and spank ...
Nicoleta has been caught wearing lipstick to class and is ca...
Her bum burns bright red after such terrible punishment
This is a spanking video to watch. Elissa came to school in...
Lara is in todays caning video, with the headmasters leading...
Valerie has been caught by the headmistress wearing daisy du...
In this spanking video, we get to see Eleanor take a stiff c...
Upended to expose her bum to brutal punishment, she's vulner...
Valerie has dyed part of her hair blonde and is called to th...
Lea had left the school several weeks ago, in essence runnin...
Watch Taylor receive a thorough whipping in this hot ass fil...
The other leg is tied off and raised toward the ceiling. Onc...
Tina has been caught sneaking around with a boy and is calle...
A cat o nine tails inflicts some serious damage
First off for Zayda is a little time in The Aquarium. After ...
Valentine is caught out of uniform and called into the headm...
Made to lie across a stool-like contraption, a woman must ex...
The red stripes on her back are testament to the punishment ...
With reddened skin and eyes of fear, Lia must endure brutal ...
Hannah knows sundresses are forbidden in school but wears on...
Sonja Star gets the short end of Erik's terrible treatment
OK, it isn't really London, but it IS a real h...
Dominikas disobedience leads to a harsh OTK spanking
She is hanging her head, humiliated at the treatment she is ...
Watch Shannon get whipped into submission in this hot ass fi...
Angela was a good student, always wanting everyone to like h...
In todays spanking video, straight from Germany, Olga is abo...
A young woman's reddened back testifies to the treatment she...
Reddened and painful, her back shows the results of a goof w...
Francisca was typically a good student, though she had an af...
Some are able to control there sexual urges, but some like A...
Lucie has disobeyed her teacher one too many times and is ca...
A woman's back is reddened by her captor's treatment of her
Things start off with Daisey sitting on a stool in the middl...
In todays Caning video, we see what happens when Angel reall...
The headmaster heard Julie was smoking in the girls bathroom...
In this canning video,Joana a victim of her own purity. Her...
What DID she do to deserve such treatment?
Rodney treats Isabell's tits to a sharp whipping
Multi-colored buns provide a unique appearance. See how it h...


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